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blank I am currently adding to my portfolio. Please be sure to check out this portion of the web site periodically because I continue to add & update the content.

Here is a list of the demonstrations:
Here is an example of a recent application I wrote to assist a test team to control Xbox Ones and execute tests on them. Testers could then use the same application to retrieve test logs from the consoles for testing results.

WPF Application Demo image.

This is a Flash animation I made to mimic the title on my master page. This had many layers and tweens to achieve the look I wanted.

In this Flash application buttons are used to find out more information or a person can click the play controls.

Application Design
The next screen shot is from a Check Out Tool application I designed and developed. Originally the application was just needed to control the temporary loan of laptops to team members. But while designing it I added the following features:
  • Create multiple item check out lists – This allowed application administrators to make multiple check out lists for items like books, laptops, SQL clusters for testing, or test equipment.
  • User Control – Users could be allowed access to individual item lists while blocked by others. Also some users could be made administrators to lists and allowed to control list items and user access to those lists.
  • Check Out Control Methods - Three check out methods were needed:
    1. Instant Check Out, Instant Check In – Used for books.
    2. Instant Check Out, Check In request - Used with SQL clusters that needed to be setup again after testing. Items placed in Maintenance Mode at check in.
    3. Check Out request, Check In request – Mainly used for laptops that were locked up and reloaded before each check out. Items placed in Maintenance Mode at check in.
  • Maintenance Mode – Items that required work could be placed into maintenance mode until ready for check out. Technicians could update the maintenance mode with progress updates.
  • Email Notification – Email would be sent during the check out process and reminders to return items could be sent automatically if needed.

Icon Graphics and XML/XSLT
Here are a few icons I have created in the past and what they did in the application they were used for. These are being displayed using an XML and XSLT.
Check out a machine for testing. Check out a machine for testing.
Check a machine back in. Check a machine back in.
Extend a checked out machine. Extend a checked out machine.
View a machine's status. View a machine's status.
Reserve a test pool. Reserve a test pool.
View a pool's status. View a pool's status.
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